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Q: Are rewards here really for free?
A: Yes. You don't have to pay with real money for rewards here. You just need to use Points, which are totally free.

Q: How can I get points?
A: You will receive 1 point when someone will click your referral link. Share your link on Facebook, Forums, YouTube or anywhere you want and you will receive a lot of points!

Q: What is the faster way to increase amount of my points?
A: People who received a lot of rewards here says that creating a new topic in any forums is the speediest way. You can earn 50 points in 5 minutes.

Q: I send my link to my friends but i don't get my points, what is wrong?
A: Our system is 100% working. If you don't get the points - the person doesn't clicked it yet. One person can click your referral link just once.

Q: If i have dynamic IP my points will be gone?
A: No. Our system uses IP and Cookie data. You won't lose your points. But if you change your browser or computer, please use points recovery system.

Q: Is this site safe?
A: Yes. Our site is safe, commercials-free and protected by CloudFlare.